3 Part Series

Anxious Hearts, Hopeful Souls

Nov 5, 2023 - Nov 26, 2023
In a world where anxiety and worry have become all too common, in this sermon series we explore what scripture offers... a guiding light through the shadows of fear. This series dives deep into the heart of anxiety, exploring the profound wisdom and strength found in faith. Each message within this series unveils the tools and principles that empower us to rise above our worries, reminding us that anxiety is a universal experience, not a sign of weakness. With the power of faith, prayer, and gratitude, we can unlock the door to inner peace and resilience.

Messages in this Series

  • Worry Less Living

    November 26, 2023 Drew Ruiz Message 3 of 3
  • I’m not afraid

    November 12, 2023 Drew Ruiz Message 2 of 3
  • Our Anxious Hearts

    November 05, 2023 Drew Ruiz Message 1 of 3